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Banja Luka: Agreement on electronic enrollment of students signed


The Minister of Education and Culture, Natalija Trivić, and the Minister of Administration and Local Self-Government, Senka Jujić, signed today the Agreement on electronic data exchange, which will enable eEnrollment - electronic enrollment of students in the first grade of primary and secondary schools.


Thanks to this agreement, schools will be able, with the consent of parents/guardians, to obtain birth certificates and certificates of citizenship in digital form from the information system of the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government, which are required when enrolling students in school in accordance with the law and by-laws in the field of education, Minister Natalija Trivić pointed out on this occasion.


Minister Trivić explained that the documents thus obtained will be automatically added to eDnevnik, that is, the electronic pedagogical documentation maintained by all primary and secondary schools in the Republic of Srpska.


Minister Senka Jujić emphasized that one of the key strategic goals of the Government, as well as the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government, is continuous work on improving services to citizens and legal entities.

"Authorized persons in schools, through the Ministry of Education and Culture, will access the data from the second copy of the registers, which is kept in the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government," said Minister Jujić.


With the implementation of eEnrollment in schools, starting from the next school year, parents will no longer have the obligation to bring a printed birth certificate and certificate of citizenship when enrolling in school, which will lead to a simpler enrollment process and financial savings, both for parents and for competent institutions. 

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