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Minister Đokić met with the Ambassador of the United States to BiH, H.E. Maureen Cormack


Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Petar Đokić, who is also the President of the Socialist Party, met today with the Ambassador of the United States to Bosnia and Herzegovina, H.E. Maureen Cormack.

The meeting focused on current political and economic affairs in the Republic of Srpska and BiH, as well as the European integration process.

The Minister informed the Ambassador Cormack of the progress in the implementation of reforms in the fields under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, aiming at economic growth and development of the Republic of Srpska.

'In the coming period, the policy should be focused on economic growth and development and in this regard we need as much support and cooperation at the international level,' said Minister Đokić noting that the dialogue on economic issues is a way to resolve the numerous political issues in BiH.

He pointed out that there were four important factors of integration on which the future could be built.

'Agriculture, transport, tourism and development of the education aimed at improving the knowledge and adapt it to the needs of the market are factors on which the economic and social growth and development of the whole BiH can be built, regardless of the jurisdiction and other political factors which are the reality in BiH', said Minister Đokić.

The representatives of the US Embassy to BiH emphasized a visible effort and desire of the line ministry to intensify the economic activity in the Republic of Srpska and to increase foreign and domestic investment.

'We are working to open up more jobs, we are open and we are fighting to have as many partners with whom we can cooperate,' said Minister Đokić.

The meeting was also attended by Director of the Banja Luka Office of the US Embassy to BiH Edward Gallagher.


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