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Department for Execution of Criminal Sanctions


Department for Execution of Criminal Sanctions performs administrative and other professional tasks which refer to competencies of the Republic of Srpska with regard to  execution of criminal sentences.


  • Department ensures uniformed and lawful execution of criminal sanctions,
  • determines the basis of internal organization of work of correctional facilities,
  • provide conditions for normal functioning of correctional facilities,
  • prepares bylaws and other relevant acts of the Ministry.


Department also performs:

  • inspection of commercial units within prisons and correctional facilities,
  • inspection supervision over the legality of execution of criminal sanctions in terms of  implementation of the Law on Execution of Criminal Sanctions,
  • control the exercise, respect and enhancement of human rights of persons deprived of liberty,
  • transfer of convicted persons in suitable institutions according to the established criteria
  • professional processing of requests for pardon,
  • supervision of the work of institutions in terms of control of labor relations,
  • supervision of implementation of detention measures, supervision over the work of the court department of the Sokolac Psychiatric Hospital in terms of implementing security measures of compulsory psychiatric treatment and compulsory treatment of addiction,
  •  tasks of extradition and transfer of sentenced persons, execution of court decisions, further serving of prison sentence and other tasks arising from the European Convention on mutual extension of legal aid in criminal matters,
  • collection and processing of statistical and analytical data in the field of execution of  criminal sentences for the purpose of improvement of the system of execution of criminal sanctions.


    Department decides:
  • In the second instance cases of appeals of employees of correctional facilities in  disciplinary proceedings,
  • On suspension of imprisonment of convicts,
  • monitor events in this area particularly in order to eliminate any form of inhuman, degrading or humiliating treatment of prisoners and cooperate with institutions dealing with protection of human rights.
  • Keeps records of convicted persons,
  • Prepares laws and bylaws pertaining to the execution of criminal sanctions,
  • handles requests of convicted persons and suggestions of correctional facilities for parole of convicted persons,
  • Prepares proposals for acts of amnesty of prisoners and decides on the need for employment of new workers in correctional facilities.



           Department prepares:

  • Program and implements taking of professional exam for members of the court police employed in the treatment services and workers - trainers in correctional facilities,
  • curriculum of vocational education and training of workers in correctional facilities.
    Cooperates with other institutions in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and performs other tasks in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Assistant to the Minister:

Pero Dunjic

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