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Statement by Prime Minister Višković on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the beginning of the NATO aggression against FR of Yugoslavia


"24 years ago, on this day, the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was ruthlessly attacked by the murderous machinery of NATO alliance which launched a campaign of mass air attacks against a sovereign country, under the false pretense and with the aim of robbing the Serbian people of their holy land.

What had then been presented to the world public, was a hoax and as a humanitarian intervention, but in its essence it was a classic act of aggression against a sovereign state in the effort to illegally seize a part of its territory.

Today, 24 years later, we have a moral and human obligation towards thousands of brutally murdered people, towards the shadows of three-year-old Milica Rakić, to commemorate this sad anniversary every March 24, reminding the world that NATO's "Angel of Mercy" was a merciless attack on the people of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

That is precisely why the explanations of all those who in 1999, in violation of international law, sought justification for brutal aggression in alleged humanitarian reasons, appear to be hypocritical, as if it could not be more hypocritical, only suddenly - in the light of the current geopolitical circumstances - turn into the greatest defender of international law.

Long ago, the Serbs learned the hard way what the hypocrisy of the so-called international community means. We learned a long time ago that the world and relations between states are not governed by international law, but by the rule of bare, brutal force. And that for every force, every bomb dropped on a country, those with power easily find justification.

We, in the Republic of Srpska learned this back in the summer of 1995 when the positions of our army were attacked by NATO forces. What they presented to the world public as a humanitarian action was, in fact, armed support to one of the parties in the conflict, just as it was the case four years later, during the attack on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

That year, in 1999, the system of international law was permanently broken and the principle of resolving disputes between states, through the United Nations system, irretrievably collapsed.

Today, we recognize the consequences of such actions in wars all over the world, both those that are in the focus of the world public's interest, but also those that continue just as long, but no one mentions them because it does not suit the generators of the conflict.

Behind those who make scenarios of such wars which incite nations to mutual extermination, what remains on the field is dust and ashes and for them material profit and gain. 

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